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Book Release Announcement: Going Steady Toolkit


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Pownal Street Press is thrilled to announce the book release of the Going Steady Toolkit. A set of workbooks for couples written by mother-daughter team Jacinta Gallant and Taylor Smiley.

“When Jacinta shared this project with us, it was immediately something we wanted to be a part of the Pownal Street Press list! We are so excited to see this toolkit in the world! Congrats Jacinta and Taylor, we know this workbook will help many couples!” 

—Genevieve Loughlin, Publishing Director, Pownal Street Press

Whether in a new relationship or continuing a longer romance, every couple can benefit from some new tools in their toolbox to keep things fresh. Going Steady will help you discover new things about yourself and each other, so you can build a deeper, more authentic future together. It’s time to Go Steady! 

Going Steady Toolkit

2 Full Colour Paperback Workbooks w/ Bellyband

ISBN 978-1-7781245-5-6 • $49.95

This unique, interactive workbook was created to help take away the pressure of relationship “perfection” and spark the honest conversations it takes for relationships to thrive. Going Steady is filled with fun (but deep) exercises to complete on your own and together – so you can live healthily ever after! 

Jacinta Gallant and Taylor Smiley are mother-daughter divorce lawyers that work together. They live and work in Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island), the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. 

The Going Steady Toolkit comes in a set of two workbooks so couples can work separately and together to build their relationship with themselves and with each other. The perfect gift for wedding season and this special set can be purchased locally at the Charlottetown Bookmark