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Cover Reveal: Unhistoric Acts

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Pownal Street Press is delighted to present the cover for our new book, Unhistoric Acts: Inside the Women’s Movement on Prince Edward Island, by Dianne Porter. 

Book cover: Unhistoric Acts

With cover art by renowned Canadian artist Beverley Hawskley, this cover is a tribute to the multifaceted lives of women. 

Dianne Porter is a long time advocate for the women’s movement, and Unhistoric Acts is her memoir and collection of first hand accounts. The book takes the reader on a journey of progression in politics. As a political advisor in the 1980s, Porter brings us behind-the-scenes to the conversations that finally put women’s equality in Prince Edward Island on the table — women in the workforce, child care, and setting up basic minimum standards. 

“Dianne Porter inspires all women not only to join the struggle, but to organize, to  innovate and to revitalize. Her work is a call to action for women everywhere. Her history reminds us that we can do anything with a purse full of Cheerios, a toddler in a stroller and a baby on our hip.“

Mo Duffy Cobb, Editorial Director, Pownal Street Press 

Unhistoric Acts: Inside the Women’s Movement on Prince Edward Island
By Dianne Porter
ISBN 9781778124570 • $34.95 pb
9” x 6” • photos throughout

Unhistoric Acts will be available where books are sold June 2023.