A Call for Submissions for “Fiona: Prince Edward Island Accounts of Canada’s Biggest Storm” - Pownal Street Press

A Call for Submissions for “Fiona: Prince Edward Island Accounts of Canada’s Biggest Storm”

Pownal St. Press

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Pownal Street Press will be publishing a book on post-tropical storm Fiona. We are collecting eyewitness accounts, essays, photography and visual art of PEI’s most epic post-tropical storm. Submissions can be directed to fiona@pownalstreetpress.com and will be open through November 18, 2022.

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI, October 12th, 2022. Prince Edward Island was forever changed by Hurricane Fiona. From beaches, farms and forests, Islanders have seen their landscapes changed. In the midst of our homes and livelihoods being destroyed, Islanders continue to struggle in the days and weeks after without power and reliable internet. 

Prince Edward Island’s Pownal Street Press is looking to capture personal essays, photography, poetry and the quiet moments of introspection in between in all that was post-tropical storm Fiona. This photographic & essay collection will be published in Spring 2023 and include personal stories from the storm and the days that followed. 

Whether you are a conservationist, a climate activist, an artist, a historian or an emergency worker, Pownal Street Press wants to hear from you—or anyone affected by the storm. No one has been untouched by the ravages of this epic storm, and sadly, almost two weeks after the weather event, almost nine thousand households continued to operate without power in our province. 

Fiona is a historical record of a weather event that will never be forgotten. This book also serves to capture the impact of climate change on Canada’s smallest province.

We will be accepting submissions of personal essay and/or photography on the themes of preparing for the storm, Fiona hits down, the wake, the new normal, and of reconnection. We encourage all to submit their works and representations of our Island community coming together, in quiet candle light, in loud, furious moments, and ultimately, in work, in jest, in repose.

Submission Guidelines

  • All contributors are asked to send their contributions, photos and artwork to fiona@pownalstreetpress.com.
  • Submissions will be open on Friday, October 14th, and will continue until Friday, November 18th, 2022.
  • Pownal Street Press is looking for nonfiction pieces, such as immersion reportage, memoir, poetry and personal essay. DocX or in the body of the email is preferred.
  • You may submit two-four photographs with one piece, up to 1000 words, or up to three poems. 
  • To be chosen, your submission must include your address, email and phone number.
  • Please send us your full resolution photographs (1200 pixels or larger; jpeg only please) and they will be used as sent, including captions of up to 50 words. All photography must be your own or used with permission by the photographer.
  • Visual artists are also encouraged to submit high resolution digital imagery of their mixed media or works. 
  • If published in the collection you will receive ONE copy of the book, Fiona: Prince Edward Island Accounts of Canada’s Biggest Storm.
  • Only entries which are selected for publication in the anthology will be contacted. You can expect to hear back from us by mid-December. 
  • Fiona: Prince Edward Island Accounts of Canada’s Biggest Storm will be published June 2023.
  • All royalties donated to the Island Nature Trust.

Pownal Street Press is Charlottetown’s newest independent publishing house. Inspired in name by the iconic Charlottetown street, a charming mix of modern and historical, Pownal Street Press is symbolic of the evolution of the publishing industry. The mission of Pownal Street Press is to discover, amplify and empower storytellers, and seeks to broaden the publishing landscape with a diverse collection of topics and tones. 

Media inquiries about the book can be directed to the Press’s team at hello@pownalstreetpress.com