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Publishing Announcement


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Pownal Street Press to Publish Emily Howard Picture Book

In honour of International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with our first author, female powerhouse Emily Howard. Emily has truly been a dream client for us, and it’s been a real privilege to see her author unfolding in The Morning We Met.

Welcome to the dreamscape of Emily Howard’s fine art. Set in the rich tones of sea and sky, The Morning We Met invites the reader into Baby’s world, on their own journey from the cosmos to the rocking chair. In sweet hushed tones, Baby follows a glowing trail on their fascinating passage through star-filled skies, over wide open fields and gliding coastlines. Full of wonder, The Morning We Met acknowledges the patience of mothers everywhere, the ways our babies travel to us, and the absolute magic of holding them in our arms for the very first time.

More than a picture book this hardcover gift edition designed by Ingrid Paulson will take hold of your hearts and minds and be an artistic keepsake for years to come.   

Emily Howard is a renowned visual artist, who has produced and sold work through the Maritimes and across Canada and the US for over twenty years. She finds her inspiration in the quiet landscapes of her home province of Prince Edward Island, translating the shades that surround her onto canvas. Her notes of realism and abstraction invite the viewer into her world, creating an endless variety of connection along the way.

For more information on her process and work you can follow her on Instagram @emilyhowardart or contact her through her website

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